Our philosophy

Seagrass Early Learning is a place where all children are valued for their individuality and nurtured to develop to their full potential. With its fun and friendly atmosphere, the centre is a place children look forward to attending, and where families feel welcome and supported.

Our philosophy underpins everything we do as early childhood educators in relation to our children, the education program, our families, our staff and the community

Our Children and the Education Program

The rights and best interests of each child are at the core of everything we do. Children need to be valued as individuals in the context of their family and community. They are capable and resourceful learners who can develop confidence and self-esteem through positive support and encouragement.

Through our program built upon the principles outlined in the National Early Years Learning Framework (ELYF) and the My Time Our Place (MTOP) Framework, we:

  • Empower children by using their own thoughts and ideas to drive program delivery
  • Generate confidence through activities and experiences that build skills and values whilst promoting success
  • Take an inclusive approach to support each child’s sense of identity and self-esteem whilst fostering critical thinking skills
  • Encourage each child to reach their full potential in accordance with their individual ability
  • Are committed to the full participation of children with additional needs

Our Families

Family involvement is integral to a high quality program. We strive to communicate openly with the children’s families and actively seek their feedback. This allows us to build relationships built on trust, respect and collaboration which ultimately result in the best outcomes for each child.

Family involvement is promoted through:

  • Development of child portfolios, a daily diary and newsletter as regular and consistent means of communication
  • An open door policy where parents feel comfortable approaching the staff to seek support where required
  • An empathetic and flexible approach to family needs, always respecting and supporting the role of the family in the child’s life
  • Opportunities for families to engage in meaningful participation within the program

Our Staff

Our staff are committed to working for the best interests of children and their families. We employ staff who are nurturing, empathetic and passionate about learning with a fundamental love of children. Team building and leadership create an environment where personal and professional contributions are valued, communication is open and confidentiality is maintained at all times.

We support our staff by providing:

  • A collaborative atmosphere with opportunities to be involved in decision making and provide feedback
  • A safe and comfortable working environment with adequate resources and time to conduct programming and other duties
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities

All of our staff either hold a Diploma or Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, or are working towards these qualifications.

Our Community

Seagrass Early Learning provides a critical service within the Alyangula and wider Groote Eylandt community. We strive to develop a reputation for being a supportive centre with positive learning outcomes, thus encouraging parents to enrol their children and attracting new residents to the island.

We achieve these community outcomes by:

  • Operating according to all guidelines set down by governing and professional bodies
  • Maintaining a transparent committee and directorate for the organisation
  • Fostering relationships with community organisations, council and the local school
  • Valuing Groote Eylandt’s local indigenous culture
  • Encouraging early childhood and work experience students to take part in our program
  • Utilising local services in an effective and meaningful way
  • Participating in community events and activities
  • Evaluating our centre program and business plan regularly